Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Online Analytical Processing

Another important area of Logexsoft's activities is the application of Data Warehouses (DW), Executive Information Systems (EIS) and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technologies for providing decision support for executives and managers.

These softwares assist managers by providing quick and easy access to information that is critical for making adequate decisions in complex business environments.


Why is there a need for building Data Warehouses?

The concept of building a DW was established once the need for an easy way to access integrated up-to-date data across various company operations was recognized.

Data accumulated in the majority of companies often cannot be efficiently used in the framework of traditional information systems. This is the case because traditional corporate information systems are based on transactional databases that are not designed for providing fast and efficient access to information. They are also not designed to present the results of information queries in an easy to understand manner, which is often critical to support decision making processes.


Because of such limitations, the data stored in these traditional information systems cannot be effectively retrieved by managers and analysts:

  1. Managers are not provided with direct access to historical business data accumulated over a significant period of time.
  2. Data required for analysis is typically distributed among a number of isolated information systems servicing the needs of different departments of a company.
  3. Complicated queries on a database tax the system and response time usually gets excessively high.
  4. Data models used are not suitable for decision support systems since they were specifically designed to handle short transactions only.


DW technology, offered to businesses by Logexsoft, eliminates these problems by storing current and historical data from different information sources required for business decision-makers into a single, consolidated data warehouse based on utilizing multi-dimensional data modeling techniques.

These multi-dimensional data objects provide a conceptual link between groups of related data and the company's business processes. This approach makes data and information readily accessible and eliminates the excessive time required by on-line operational staff to compile data from different sources and then perform the necessary analysis.


Deliverables of a Data Warehouse:

  1. Efficient analysis and monitoring of the operational and financial data of an entire company, as well as the company's divisions and subsidiaries;
  2. Evaluation of internal and external business factors related to the operational, economic and financial conditions of a company and its stock performance.


Some examples of important problems that can be addressed with DW and OLAP technologies include:

  1. Analysis of production capacities, volumes and nomenclature of produced goods by division, enterprise and region;
  2. Analysis of raw materials and finished product transportation;
  3. Operational and financial analysis of all business activities;
  4. Evaluation and monitoring of the distribution and sales systems.
  5. Logexsoft provides its customers with services in building data warehouses and systems for on-line analytical processing. Our consultants work closely with the customer, transferring state-of-the-art technologies of developing, updating and maintaining DW information systems. Logexsoft has experience with the most advanced software tools currently available for building DW and OLAP applications (PowerPlay, OracleExpress, EssBase, Forest & Trees, etc.).