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  • icon_01Knowledge Management Making decisions is one of the primary functions of an executive or manager. To efficiently perform this function, executives and managers must have convenient access to up to date information and detailed knowledge for specific business operations or business situations.
  • icon_02What We Provide Intelligent Supply Chain management. The single greatest opportunity for increasing market share, cash flow and profits is making your Supply Chain more efficient. It enables one to make informed decisions along the entire supply chain, from acquiring raw materials to manufacturing products to distributing goods to consumers.
  • icon_03I.T. Solution Delivery The Logexsoft services portfolio was born out of a need to provide access to forecasting and demand models to a variety of consumers. As a consequence to the level of sophistication needed in these systems, Logexsoft grew the ability to design and build highly efficient and elegant systems that by nature can be used for a variety of purposes outside the traditional supply chain management realm.
  • icon_04CMMI Logexsoft has developed an optimized project and development methodology that is based on a combination of waterfall and rapid prototype approaches. We are moving rapidly toward certification of our hybrid approach for project delivery in the context of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 4.
  • icon_05Supply Chain Management Any Supply Chain is a complex system comprised of different companies with different objectives and operating in an enormously complex world market economy under numerous uncertainties. Optimizing the Supply Chain's efficiency will lead to better performance and productivity.
  • icon_06Business Process Management The objective of business process management is to provide fast, accurate, and reliable delivery-date responses to customer orders as well as to understand the customer's buying patterns and develop aggregate, collaborative forecasts. Demand management is a sub-process that not only forecasts, but provides insight on how to generate forecasts, manage them and constantly reconcile new information with current forecasts.
  • icon_07Supply Chain Implementation Plan Logexsoft is a "vendor neutral" service provider. We focus on implementing Supply Chain solutions that will solve a client's problem, or will maximize return from the SC technology investment. The tool or technology applied is dependent on many factors.
  • icon_08Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) The application of Data Warehouses (DW), Executive Information Systems (EIS) and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technologies for providing decision support for executives and managers is an important facet of Logexsoft's activities. 
  • icon_09Decision Support Systems Companies around the globe face a common challenge: to stay competitive. To do so, they must produce better quality goods faster and more cost-effectively. Meeting this challenge requires the optimal use of expensive and highly specialized equipment, technologies and personnel with special attention given to quality at all stages of the manufacturing, distribution and customer service processes.